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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a Gluten-Free option?

Yes! Our Dadgum Seltzer is made with sugar, water, and yeast. This means that our seltzer is gluten-free!

Are there any food options?

Yes! We don't serve food directly, but outdoor food is 100% welcome! We have menu's for our next door neighbors, Woody's Pizza & Vizo's for you to order from, or you can always Favor right to our door! For small munchies, we have a self serve popcorn machine & a variety of pretzels and chips!

Do you allow pets?

We are a primarily indoor place, so bringing pets is up to your discretion. 

Do you sell to-go beer?

Yes! We currently sell 16oz. aluminum cans and 22oz. bottles! We can also fill up growlers if you bring one in!

Do you have flights?

Yes! We typically serve flights of 4 or 5!

Can you bring kids?

Yes! We are a family friendly space with tons of games to entertain your kiddos!