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Frosty Mug Club


Raise a glass to free beer and exclusive perks with a Frosty Mug Club Membership


One of our favorite parts of opening a brewery is the community that comes with it. We want to make sure our community feels valued. So, join our Frosty Mug Club and enjoy one free, frosty cold beer on us every time you visit, plus receive exclusive access to sample new beers before they're released to the public. Your free beer will be served in your own custom stein that we’ll keep behind the bar just for you. We want your opinion to matter, with the use of a Facebook group we will take suggestions at any time! You won’t want to miss this frothy deal. Sign up now for the Frosty Mug Club at Frost Brewhouse - where every visit is a cheers to you.


Other benefits of the Mug Club include: 15% off Frost Brewhouse merchandise, tastings throughout the year, and first dibs on renewal for the following year’s Mug Club.


Frosty Mug Club Membership Details 

For just $250 a year, you’ll receive the following: 

  • 1 free beer a visit. *Appropriate pour*
  • Your own custom stein, engraved with your initials and member number, that we’ll keep just for you behind the bar
  • Exclusive pre-beer release tasting
  • 15% off merchandise
  • First dibs on Mug Club renewal
  • Access to exclusive community page where you will get first dibs on specials, events, merchandise, and more.

When we pour your first free beer in your Mug Club stein, we’ll also take your “mug" shot with a Polaroid. Your mug shot will go on our club wall next to your mug.


Fine Print

We know, we know, everyone hates the fine print. So while we do provide your first mug, if you break your mug beyond repair, you will be responsible for purchasing a new one.

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